10 Video Editing Apps That Make You A Pro

You can be a pro at editing videos without having to learn sophisticated editing software. These video editing apps will let you curate amazing videos like a pro. 

zShot App

Also, the zShot Mobile Video Editing software is an excellent Android technical mobile device. It is a user-friendly video editor app and video effects that enable skilled and simple video editing and photo editing, making collages and slideshows, as well as scanning documents.

Users of the video creator can easily add audio, trim and combine videos into a single video. To make the video footage more eye-catchy, text and soundtrack can also be added.

Users of the video creator can easily add audio, trim and combine videos into a single video. To make the video footage more eye-catchy, text and soundtrack can also be added.

ALIVE Movie Maker

ALIVE Movie Maker is another of those video editing apps aimed squarely at the younger end of the content production community.

This app has a wide range of filters, animations, custom text, stickers and music effects designed to make short videos that can last up to 30 seconds. If you want anything more complex than a cheeky little clip to edit for your social networks, then this definitely isn’t the app for you.


Overvideo is the only video editing software on this list that is for iOS devices only, so Android users may want to skip this one.

If you want to add subtitles to your video (but don’t want to do so individually on each social platform), this app is my best recommendation.

You can add text anywhere to a video and determine how long it’s going to remain on the display.

This process also has some nice additional features, such as the ability to add music and adjust the text and opacity of the text block.


PicPlayPost lets you connect up to 365 pieces of media to make 30-minute films that you can share in glorious 1080p quality.

Mixcord developers have a strong understanding of what manufacturers of mobile-savvy content want, offering a galore of customization options, including custom watermarks and branded icons, and a 9:16 frame ratio for Instagram Stories.

For the incredibly poor time between us, speed up , slow down and reverse videos and the automatic slideshow feature produces a makeshift film for you. A ‘how-to’ series of video editing hacks gives you tips on everything from GIF creation to multi-collage video creation.


More than just a video editor, the Blender open source software is a full-blown 3D animation package that makes modeling, rendering, motion tracking, and more possible.

On the video editing side, there are tons of functions, including transitions, speed modulation, filters, adjustment layers, and more. There are also 32 slots available for adding video clips, audio clips, photographs, and effects, meaning you can create an incredibly complex video.

Wondershare FilmoraGo

Wondershare Filmora (formerly Wondershare Video Editor) is the perfect option if you want to start with basic video editing features with the potential to get more advanced as you go. The app is perfect for Instagram, but it can render audience-ready videos for broad platforms.

Filmora is accessible for Windows and Mac machines, while the FilmoraGo smartphone app from the company is free to download for both iOS and Android devices.

Filmora’s “Simple Mode” strips away the complexities so that you can drag and drop video clips, add music and create a full video in a matter of minutes. In the FilmoraGo app, there are all these features, plus an Effect Store where you can incorporate preset intros, themes, and transitions into your output of videos.


To recognize the best parts of your videos, Magisto video creator, which is designed with one-tap social sharing in mind, uses Artificial Intelligence ( AI).
In order to create eye-catching images ideal for mobile video editors on the move, Magisto uses a wealth of video editing software, such as stabilisation, facial recognition, filters and effects, and auto cropping.

Premium and Advanced subscriptions allow you to make longer films and access a wider range of styles of editing. Either add your own audio or pick a backing track from the library of commercially licensed tracks from Magisto.


Hyperlapse is a software produced by Instagram that condenses videos into short videos that can be posted to Instagram or Facebook at hyper-speed.
You can pick between a few different speeds, and the app can show you how long the hyperlapsed video is going to be with each speed compared to the length of the video in real time. (So a 40-second real-time video at 6X speed in Hyperlapse will be around a seven-second video.) It’s a pretty fun way to capture something like a sunset or an event setup that usually lasts a while.


Lightworks is a customized software that is popular with beginning videographers and filmmakers for video editing. With the help of this free video editing app, you can make quick video footage editing for YouTube, video montage and publish videos on the web with several clicks.

In order to gain more views and followers, this video editing program is very popular among YouTube bloggers, social network users, and Instagram vloggers who need to edit and upload their videos quickly. All these requirements are met very well by the free edition of Lightworks. However, novice video editors need some practice in order to get used to this program.

Filmigo Video Maker

Filmigo Video Maker is a flexible video editing app for making stylish slideshows, videos, images, and vlogs. With minimal operations, a spark video will be displayed, combined with common themes, special subtitles, and hot music. You will look vivacious and charming in the video.

The Filmigo video trimmer provides powerful tools for you to quickly reverse/rotate/trim/split / duplicate your clips and cut the film. You can cut a video into pieces without losing quality, combine images from your gallery or collection, and compress videos like a professional video maker. To make a truly fun piece of art, you can also zoom the video in / speed up / speed down.

Top Photo Editing Apps You Can Download for Free


To share your story, draw new customers, inspire others at work, or release the imagination in you, use zShot. The zShot software provides you with a range of resources and functionality to build beautiful images, create additional filters, build collages, build slideshows, and search files. A strong five-in-one app is the zShot App. And the strongest component? ZShot is totally free! Within the app, there are no advertisements and no payments.

The feature-packed, drag-and-drop, simple photo editing is the zShot app. In just a fraction of minutes, it is built to help you collate great content! It’s filled with the resources you may need that you can still articulate yourself.

Afterlight 2

To find the perfect pairing for your pictures, you’ll never need another app. Using our Color Shift app, the Chroma app inspired by the impacts of a disposable film, and Double Exposure to add finishing touches to your images with genuine Light Leaks created with actual 35 mm film, natural Dust textures, and film emulation techniques such as shifting RBG channels.

Attach a border or add an Instant Film frame before exporting your final edit, using a preset color or your own image as the backdrop. 120 + hand-picked fonts and 150 + us-created original designs! With drop shadows, infinite color choices, masking, and non-destructive layer management, you can easily customize each layer.


Darkroom is a premium picture & video editor that is simple to use, strong enough for the pros, and ridiculously quick for casual photographers. Offered on your iPad and iPhone. You will individually edit the foreground and background of your portrait images. We not only allow you to adjust the amount of blur in your portrait images, but also your foreground/background brightness, contrast, and saturation separately. 

Editing and navigating through your RAW files as if they were standard images is simple and easy with our RAW engine. For shadows and highlights, edit the full range of information. Darkroom has a comprehensive free toolkit to provide you with a breeze to edit your Live Photos, RAW images, and Portrait images.

LightX Photo Editor & Retouch

LightX allows users to add photo frames to your images, add stickers, adjust the cutout and photo background, blur photos, create drawings and cartoon characters, create cute selfies and portrait pictures, adjust the color of your hair, add color splash effects, blend photos for double & multiple exposure effects, and apply many other image editing software. You can put your images with text and even make your own text memes.
Using various advanced photo editing techniques, such as color mixing, curves, levels, and vignette effects, you can edit images. Brightness, contrast, exposure, hue, saturation, shadows & image highlights can be edited. You can add a number of photo filters to images, such as Antique, Retro, Drama, B&W, Grunge, and many more photo filters.

Pro Camera by Moment

Manual adjustments, improved recording, long exposure, and easy access to the settings that you need are available for the Pro Camera. This gives us the features of a DSLR, but with a camera app that is simple and easy to use. It has the features you like for moviemakers, not the ones you don’t. Color profiles, bitrates, audio meters with dual channels, waveforms in real-time and easy access to frame rates.

Shooting images and videos on the Pro Camera is better for photographers than shooting the DSLR. Shoot all (exposure, iso, shutter speed, white balance, and focus) in RAW (even in BURST), split focus/exposure, and manually control all. Pro Camera was inspired by the pros who made the interface clear, fast, and easy to use. To get you set up, we have beginning tips, video tutorials, and full-time customer support.

ProCam 7

With DSLR-like camera features and full-featured photo/video editing features, ProCam provides unprecedented flexibility and accuracy. It has different shooting modes: Shot, NightMode, Burst Mode, Slow Shutter, and Portrait Mode, which is compatible with all dual-lens camera systems as well as the 2020 iPhone XR and iPhone SE.

It also has a mode for Video, TimeLapse, and 3D Picture, which includes a setup for a dual-lens camera. You can also use different release choices for picture shutters, such as Self-Timer, Anti-Shake, Interval, and Screen Shutter.


Snapseed is a full and competent Google-developed photo editor. Using 29 Software and Filters, you will enjoy experimenting. You may use the Tools of Healing, Brush, Structure, HDR, Perspective to retouch your portraits. Snapseed lets you view JPG and RAW files as well. 

You could save your personal looks on Snapseed and add them to fresh images later. You can be more precise with the selective filter brush, where you want to edit your picture. With perfect, accurate power, all styles can be tweaked. Tutorial cards with tips and tricks on Snapseed and general photography are also available from Snapseed.

1967: Retro Filters & Effects

With the app’s minimalist interface and more than 200 filters, editing your photos to evoke the swinging ‘60s only takes a few taps. It brings back all the tones, grain, and light leaks from old-school analog cameras, minus the bulky housing, and smelly darkroom chemicals. 

By studying 64 types of real film, we produced 1967: Retro Filters & Effects. Wonderful and precise retro effects are the product. The filters are all split into sets. Different color emulations and effects such as bokeh and scratches can also be seen on the app.

Adobe Lightroom CC Mobile

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom provides picture editing features that are easy to use. To boost light and color, simply tap and drag sliders, add photo filters for pictures, and more. Touch up the pictures with light and colors to make them stand out. By correcting your image’s perspective with Geometry slider software, create spotlessly clean shots of neat lines.

To compare various edits without losing the original, play with versions of images. Access anywhere on all your presets. Edits of images on one computer are implemented anywhere else automatically. Easy-to-use sliders give you power over the features of your pictures, even on the screen of your phone. You can find the scale and aspect ratio using the Crop and Rotate software.

Adobe Photoshop Express

A wide range of free photo effects and editing tools are offered by Photoshop Express. To create your own unique layering patterns, combine images. With photo effects from the Looks groups, intensify your moments: Black and White, Portrait, Nature, and Duotones. Amplify the appearance of your picture with a special array of new effects from Blend.

With a simple adjustment slider, explore the color temperature, vibrance, and other color effects. For bright, detail-rich scenery, take out atmospheric fog or Dehaze. Personalize your borders and text experiences, improve color and imagery, create collages of pictures, make quick fixes, and improve your share-worthy moments. Act on a single part of an image while, with Selective Editing, the rest remains untouched to produce striking photo effects.